Fighting Sickle Cell Anemia in Nigeria and India

I'd like to tell you about my service project. I'm Lloyd Standish, your TOS-USA webmaster.
PS This is an update of an article originally published Jan. 15, 2008.

My family has a small business in Costa Rica producing pure carao fruit extract. Carao is a wild tropical fruit that has shown amazing properties as a natural remedy for anemia in both humans and animals, with no side effects.

In 2005, through donations of carao fruit to Dr. Attahiru Sokoto (a Nigerian pediatrician), we discovered that carao fruit is extremely effective at eliminating the symptoms of Sickle Cell anemia in both children and adults.  Sickle Cell Disease is very common in Africa and India, and the symptoms are both painful and debilitating.

From 2005 through late 2009, we sent regular donations of carao fruit to Dr. Sokoto.  Also, beginning in 2007 we started making similar donations to Rudradevananda, an Ánanda Márga Indian social worker. Rudradevananda is building a clinic for treating sickle cell disease with carao in Orissa State, India.  The plan is to produce carao on the clinic's property in India for use at the clinic.  Some trees are already growing.

Our donations of carao fruit for patients in Nigeria and India were sent by airmail, and we paid for all shipping.  However, in January 2009, the cost of shipping the product to both Africa and India increased by about 100%:  to USD $36 for each 2 bottle package.

This increase in shipping cost caused us to look for alternate methods of shipping.  Through the skillful assistance of Dada Tiirthananda, the supervisor of  of Ananda Marga's projects in South and Central America, we have arranged for hand-carrying of donated bottles of carao fruit to Rudradevananda's new sickle cell clinic in India.  Also, we are planning to send a relatively large quantity by sea, which will be much less expensive than airmail (see below).

Unfortunately, we do not have any similar arrangement for hand-carrying of carao to Dr. Sokoto in Nigeria.  Plus, Dr. Sokoto appears to have broken off email contact with me.  Therefore, donations of carao fruit to Dr. Sokoto have been suspended indefinitely.

Results of carao fruit therapy for sickle cell disease

Most of the information we have on the use of carao fruit for sickle cell disease has been provided by Dr. A. Sokoto of Nigeria.  Children are relieved of painful sickle cell crisis, the need for transfusions is usually eliminated, and the patients report a feeling of well-being.  The beneficial effects remain for months after the initial 5-week period of carao fruit therapy is over.  Carao fruit has no side effects.

Dr. Sokoto writes:

As a Physician( Paediatrics), I have never come across a syrup so powerful and give a wonderful results to our sicklers/Anaemic  patients like CARAO.  For this reason I think its high time your Medical community in the United States, to ... start administering Carao for their sickler/Anaemic patients.They will never regret it and more so there is conservative treatment in modern Medicine,if that's the case why can't [they] give room to CARAO for their community? 9/2005 more information

Rudradevananda of India (Ananda Marga) also reports excellent results.  He sent me the following letter from one of his patients:

Hello LIoyd Standish,
First of all I would like to thanks so much for your kind help. I am staying in Orissa. Since childhood i have been suffering sickle cell. I checked my blood, it was 90% sickle cell. Since 10 days I have been taking carao. I am feeling better. Here there are many patient of sickle cell. Dada Rudradevananda is working very hard to help the patient, hope you will help him by sending more carao for other patient.
Again and again so much thanks
Swarnamayee 1/14/2008

For more information on carao fruit as a natural therapy for anemia, visit my website

In addition to the carao hand-carried to Rudradevananda in India (Ananda Marga), we are also planning a bulk donation shipment by sea.  I would like to ask for help to pay for shipping and customs fees.  If interested, please contact me at lloyd at (replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces).  Or, I can be contacted through this website, or you can comment on this article.


Thank you Lloyd. This is a wonderful project. I hope our medical profession in this country is using your product. Many suffer from this malady.

The 5 week treatment relieves symptoms, but how long does the remission last and what is required to maintain health?


The medical profession in USA does not recognize or accept carao fruit therapy, despite years of wonderful results, including consistent positive clinical results, a peer-reviewed scientific study on rats (, and an enormous amount of "anecdotal" feedback from around the world, published on my website (

My donation project is primarily for sickle cell anemia, although carao fruit is effective, as far as I know, for all anemia. Dr. Sokoto in Nigeria has used it to treat many forms of anemia, not only sickle cell. The results reported by Dr. Sokoto are but a small part of the information I have collected over the years. I encourage all those who are interested to visit my website at

In the case of sickle cell anemia (as well as thalassemia, another genetically-related anemia), a "cure" cannot be expected. However, Dr. Sokoto has reported remission of symptoms of sickle cell for at least 6-12 months after carao fruit is no longer used. If I am not mistaken, if and when symptoms recur, they are never as severe as they were before carao was taken, even over a year after carao is discontinued. A maintenance dose of carao fruit is not provided to these patients simply because the supply is insufficient. Dr. Sokoto can be contacted at attahirus at gmail dot com.

We are interested in projects to plant carao tree seeds in Africa and India, and eventually to teach the people how to make LTE (Low Temperature Evaporation) raw carao extract, a process I developed in Costa Rica.

I had talked with you before about the fruit, but this is the first time seeing your website. I am forwarding the information to a good friend whose grand daughter has experienced frequent hospitalizations for sickle cell.

I will keep you posted



How long this project has been going on? I'm not a doctor or a health specialist but I just want to know if someone had already been cured by taking this fruit. I have an anemia and I want this to be cured.

Self-Improvement Advice

Many people have been cured of their anemia with carao fruit. You can read more on the website

Hello Lloyd,

i was very very happy to read about the findings of results after carao was consumed, i am also thankful to you for taking up this project.

i must tell you, i came across your website after trying to find a cure for thalassemia major as my 2 year old son is suffering from this disorder.

i am based in India and am ready to help you and your organization in any manner for taking on further tests or donations - this is not only for my child but for all children over the world who suffer with this or more such disorders.

Please let me know how we can communicate further on this issue and move in in the forward direction to help millions of suffering humans.

Looking forward to your communications


Jilesh Babla

(+91-9892236923 / 9870736924)

Dear Jilesh,

Thank you for your supporting words.  I hope we can work together to help many people!

Although we have abundant information on carao fruit for anemia of many origins (including "iron deficiency," blood-loss related, chemotherapy-induced, sickle cell, etc.), we only have 3 documented cases of carao fuit used for thalassemia (all 3 results positive). 

Therefore, just a few days ago (May 26, 2008) I decided to organize a test of carao fruit on a thalassemia support forum.  For information, please visit  (You may have to register with the forum to view this page.)

I have offered to provide 4 bottles of carao for free to each of 5 people, for thalassemia.  Participants in this test agree to post their results to the forum mentioned above, including blood test results (or summary of results) if possible.  I encourage you, Jilesh, to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain the carao fruit for your son and to participate in sharing the results to the world.  Perhaps you also know of other people with thalassemia who would like to take part in this informal testing.  (I want to point out that carao fruit is a completely natural and safe food that has been used for centuries in Central America as remedy for anemia.  It gives wonderful results for in all age groups, from infants to the very old.) More information on carao fruit for anemia is available here.

When we have more information on carao fruit for thalassemia, we will be ready to move forward with further donations (to a thalassemia clinic or hospital in India, I hope). 

Regarding the planting of carao trees, I am ready at any time to donate carao tree seeds, for the cost of shipping, to anyone in the world who will plant them.  Interested parties should contact me.

I would like to point out that we already do regular donations of carao fruit to Rudradevananda in India (rudradevananda at, primarily for sickle cell disease in patients of all ages, and to Dr. Attahiru S. Sokoto (attahirus at, primarily for sickle cell disease in children.  Anyone who would like to donate to help me pay shipping for these carao fruit donations can do so on this page.

Anyone would like my carao donations project to be officially supported by the TOS-USA should express their support by posting comments here or by sending a message to our President.

Please am a nigeria currently in uk for holiday, a have a baby of 4 years old with anemia, please where can i get this syrup in uk or nigeria,pls it is urgent

Hello Beatrice,
In Nigeria, if you are unable to afford the carao fruit product, you can email Dr. Sokoto, whose email address is attahirus at (spam prevention, replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces).  He is located in Sokoto State, Nigeria.  For telephone contact information for Dr. Sokoto, contact me.

In UK, you can order the product from  Shipping to UK takes about 2 weeks.  The producing company currently has no emergency supply in UK.

By the way, the email address you gave when you posted your comment is incorrect, so you would not have received a notification of follow comments here.  I realized this because you attempted to join, and your registration confirmation email was undeliverable.

It is a good fruit for Anemic people. Will you please tell me about its availability in India, as my near relation of about 45 years of age is suffering from jaundice for the last 3 months and is having 7.5% hamoglobin.

The product can be shipped by airmail to India. Please consult the website at for more information. You can email me through that site if you have any further questions.

If you have questions about carao fruit for anemia, questions on availability or shipping, results to report, etc., please do not comment on that here.

Please only post comments that are relevant to this story: about Lloyd Standish's donations of carao fruit to Africa and India, or the sister project of promoting planting of carao trees in tropical countries around the world.

All other questions and comments about carao fruit for anemia should be directed to Lloyd via email.  You can contact him via this page.  Registered members of this site can also use his personal contact page.

The TOS-USA Webmaster

I will make a donation because Dr. Sokoto's patients are too poor and this is an illness which can be treated. We all must do our small part to help.

With carao fruit , whether folic acid & penicilin tabs to take along with ..or they are not rqd ...kindly advice.

(edited for puctuation by the webmaster)
Dear lloyd, India 22 nov 2008.

I worked in Zambia 1979-88, and had a 10 bed SCA ward under my care.
I have gone thru all your writeup. about your observations initially and your follow up service to humanity.

It is possible for carao to be used empirically, in anemias. without approval of USA FDA. But as you said you labelled it as a food, and you are not responsible for the good or bad effects.
Iron per se is not required for SCA. so there must be some other beneficial substance in the fruit. It is worth analysing the pharma composition scientifically. do it now to show your genuine concern, at the same time safe guarding your commercial venture. as carao comes under herbal products, you can easily contact Himalaya Drug Co of India/ Bangalore, [makers of famous herbal 'Liv 52' for liver diseases,] who have extensive facilities.

They also can spot the availability of the tree and fruit in india, by its botanical name.
Your lawyer can arrange for an interest financial for you and your son in the development project. And your powerful contacts in Aanand Maargi India can definitely assist you.
With millions of SCA and SCTraits in the Afro-india world, we of the regular medical community will be impressed only by scientific study, controlled and analysed and evaluated. This you can easily do.

The famous Benaras Hindu University trains AayurVedic doctors also, and they will surely be interested in your cooperation, and they will give you due credit and not resort to intellectual theft.
We doctors in India may not prescribe and use medicines of unproven and unrecognised origin. yet we have our own grandmother's home remedies, like anywhere in the world!, which are purely herbal locally available.

Contact the two in India Jilesh and RudraDevaAananda right away and they will surely strengthen you.

Good wishes. Sincerely Dr George Pradhaan, MBBS. India.

Hello Dr. Pradhann,

Thanks very much for your advice. Our carao fruit product has 4 years of constant clinical use in Nigeria by an M.D., Dr. Attahiru A. Sokoto, involving hundreds of patients (primarily Sickle Cell) but he has not provided me with printed blood test results as emitted by his hospital laboratory. I have been requesting this of him for over 2 years. His results are summarized at

Carao trees are found I believe only in Central America, and only scattered wild trees exist (no plantations yet). When and if carao gets the attention of the mainstream medical community, there would be an immediate worldwide shortage of carao, which would be chaotic. This is why I am more interested at this time in promoting planting of the trees than I am in convincing the medical community of the benefits of carao for anemia and sickle cell.

I believe that Rudradevananda is moving strongly ahead with the establishment of carao plantations and India's first solar evaporation carao production facility.

My hope is to promote the planting of trees and the production and use of carao fruit extract worldwide. This s quite the opposite from trying to "safeguard our commercial venture." In fact, within a year or 2 my small commercial venture will probably turn into a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the production of carao fruit throughout the tropics.

Another possibility, of course, is that the active ingredient in carao is discovered, isolated, and perhaps even synthesized artificially. That would certainly change the picture. However, I think carao has an extremely complicated biochemistry.

If you would like to contact me by email to share ideas and perhaps help me with contacts in India, my email is lloyd at Rudradevananda can be emailed at rudradevananda at (Spam prevention: replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces.)


Dear lloyd, your defence is good but not sufficient for scientific purposes. Prof Sokoto unpublished [in standard Nigeria Med Journals] study for four years is also not enuf. I believe I have seen this fruit tree in southern India forests. HimalayaDrugCo, and DaBur Co, and Benares Hindu University have wide facilities for natural extraction and scientific study of this fruits properties, even if it falls short of your claims, you have clinical improvement and wellbeing to show to the world. Indian Medicines Pharmacopeas and Labs are extensive and the methods excellent. Just trust them. Only let no one infringe on your intellectual property.
I am not qualified to say more than this! ... Dr George Pradhaan, MBBS/1950, India.


I am a Bangaloean (Bangalore- India) working for IT industry. My Dad is suffering from Low Platelet/WBC count, wondering if we you can get these fruit syrup. Also I am interested in promoting this project thus please do let me how can we do this.

If any plantation can be done please do let me know.

I have seen reports of excellent results for hemolytic anemia (, in which low platelet counts were corrected. However, I am not sure that carao fruit will in general tend to raise low platelet/WBC. Most of our experience is with low RBC/hemoglobin (anemia). However, I think it is worth trying for your father. If you would like to order the product for airmail shipment to India, you can do so here:

In general, those in India who wish to help support the project should get in touch with Rudradevananda: rudradevananda at (replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces). Furthermore, my support (donations of carao fruit) in India is generally done through Rudradevananda. Those who are unable to afford the product can contact me to ask for a special discount. In these cases, shipment might be arranged from Rudradevananda's supply. Full donations of the product are usually not available for those who contact me via Internet.

I am greatly interested in promoting the planting of the trees and the establishment of local production. I am always willing to donate carao tree seeds, for the cost of airmail shipping only. (I will contact you privately about this.) It may be best for you and others in India to collaborate with Rudradevananda's carao tree plantation project.

I can be contacted by clicking my name at the top of this comment, or through the page

Lloyd Standish
webmaster, TOS-USA

Dear Brother, I would like to carry out plantation of this tree in india, I shall be greatful if u help me do it. I have some land in central india in my name, If u could letme know where can i get the sapling in india, that would be great. May be we can work something out for promoting this cause. I a mmyself a patient of CML ( Chronic Myloid Leukemia ) under remission now. I would also like to promote this for all ailments of blood. If that souns okay please contact me on my email. My phone no is. +91-11-25673178 (residence) / +91-11-25672750 ( Office )
P K Mishra


its amazing reading about this wonder life giving fruit. am a student of the university of Lagos Nigeria and is about to drop out of school due to frequent sickle cell crisis.. i'll need more info about this fruit and how i can get it since am in Nigeria and have three other siblings suffering from this terrible disease.

All questions regarding availability or purchase, how to order, etc. should be directed to lloyd at (spam prevention: replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces). You can also use Lloyd's contact page on this site, or through this page on his website: Please review the previous instructions.

pls if you could direct me to Dr Attahiru Sokoto here in Nigeria so that he can help me through my sickle cell crisis i will be highly greatful because i am going through serious crisis


sir i have my ownt team who are very much intrested to work in sickle cell anemia in chhattisgarh kindly make a guidence for that

I assume you are in India. You should contact Rudradevananda at 09938167456 (rudradevananda at He is doing a similar project. I send him donations of the carao fruit product. His plans are to plant carao trees for local production and use in a clinic he is building.

Best regards,

Lloyd Standish

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Hi may name is Kwanza Neto. It is amazing that this fruit exists and has the powerful effect on people suffering from sickle cell anaemia. I am Angolan and have my first son 13 months old suffering from this terrible disease. I hope God continues to strength you and power you with all energy you need to help many people from around this world. God bless you all.

Hello Lloyd,

My name is Marie-Noelle O'Neill. I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I have been suffering with chronic anemia for over 8 years now and the medical professionals are at a lost!!!
Fortunately, this is what has led me to seek & explore other remedies for my own personal well-being.
I would like to know much more about the carao fruit.
Where can I find more information?
Could you please forward me the link to process my order for 2 bottles of carao.
Is there a distributor here in Australia?

I look forward to your response. With much gratitude Marie-Noelle

Hello Marie, All of the information that I have on carao fruit for anemia is published on my website at You can use the search box in the upper left corner of most pages on that site to find information on specific subjects. For example, to find information on carao fruit for iron deficiency anemia, you would go to and enter the word "iron" in the search box. There is no Australian distributor, due to the scarcity of the product. However, the product is frequently shipped to Australia from the production facility in Costa Rica. To order the product, visit the selling website at You will see the "order" link in the upper part of that page. If you have any further questions, please email me: "lloyd at" (spam prevention: replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces and quotes.)

I am very much delighted to learn about this particular fruit which is so useful for Sickle Cell Anemia. I have never heard of it before. Nature has given us so much, these trees are so valuable to us whether it be a simple mango tree, ficus tree or this highly Carao fruit tree. Our nature is so rich and abundant, we just need to give some time and look for it.


I am from Hyderabad ( India )working for IT industry. My beloved aunt is suffering from Low Platelet/WBC count, How and where can i get this fruit syrup in india. Also I am interested in promoting the plantation project since i have an agriculture land on my name . thus please do let me how can we take this forward.

please do let me know.


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