Book Review: Fault Lines, The Sixties, The Culture Wars, and The Return of the Divine Feminine

by Gus diZerega, Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2013
book review by Rene Wadlow

The 1960s was the period when the shift to the New Age — the Age of Aquarius — became more obvious to many and manifested in social and political movements.  The 1960s was one of the “Great Awakenings” — a period of enhanced social and spiritual concern and increased personal spiritual experience.  Whatever the causes, many of the people who helped shape the sixties possessed strong spiritual motivations. your online shopping helps TOS!

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Using service to transform negative emotions

Everyone experiences negative emotions, but a person who takes complete responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions chooses a constructive response.  A service mindset allows us to respond to stimuli in a constructive way. Following is an excerpt from "Becoming The Totally Responsible Person" by TRP Enterprises, Inc.: