Animal Healing Network

by Rozi Ulics, Organizer

Just like the TOS Healing Network for People, our Animal Healing Network is a powerful force to help bring comfort and healing to our animal brethren.  By providing this daily service free-of-charge, we hope to offer healing energy and help shoulder some of the burden people feel when faced with a pet or animal’s sickness or death.

If you know of any sick, injured or dying animals, please submit the names by Internet.

General Topics: 

Haiyan (Yolanda) Relief Operation Update Jan. 8, 2014

Below are photos of the shipment and distribution of one 20-foot container load of construction materials delivered to the town of Carles, the northernmost town of Iloilo which was severely hit by super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Because of the national focus on Samar and Leyte, little aid reached Carles and surrounding towns. The Theosophical Society and Theosophical Order of Service shipped several waves of relief goods (food, clothing and construction materials) to Carles and Sara of northern Iloilo province.

Book Review: Fault Lines, The Sixties, The Culture Wars, and The Return of the Divine Feminine

by Gus diZerega, Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2013
book review by Rene Wadlow

The 1960s was the period when the shift to the New Age — the Age of Aquarius — became more obvious to many and manifested in social and political movements.  The 1960s was one of the “Great Awakenings” — a period of enhanced social and spiritual concern and increased personal spiritual experience.  Whatever the causes, many of the people who helped shape the sixties possessed strong spiritual motivations.