"A union of those who love for the service of all who suffer"


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The Theosophical Order of Service has joined the International TOS and other TOS sections around the world in signing the CHARTER FOR COMPASSION. Signers of The Charter For Compassion encourage a world where everyone is committed to living by the principle of compassion. Signers pledge to work toward building a more compassionate world. The TOS joins with many other individuals, organizations and cities that have been inspired by the Charter For Compassion to work in diverse ways to create cultures of compassion locally and globally. 

Book review: The Power of the New Spirituality

by William Bloom (Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2012)
book review by Rene Wadlow

William Bloom who combines a long-standing interest in New Age approaches to spirituality with an identity focus in international relations1, has written

"We are in changing times. Our culture and technology are continually transforming, and the intellectual certainties of the last few hundred years are no longer secure…It is our need to find a new authenticity in our spiritual lives — to bring back fully into our consciousness — the sacred dimension of life, but we want to do this in a way that honours personal freedom and personal growth.  In essence, then, we are turning to the teachings and experiences of what is called the ageless wisdom, but we are doing so with completely new attitudes."

TOS Launches Animal Healing Network

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Theosophy acknowledges the important role animals play in our world.  Especially in today’s society, our pets are often just as dear to us as any other member of our family or circle of friends. So when illness or injury strikes, we often feel helpless, alone and scared about our ability to help our beloved pets when they need us most.

What the World Needs Now is . . . More Love Letters

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Not another app, not another website, not another social network. Just love, person-to-person. Stranger-to-stranger, even. Writing love letters to strangers in New York City was how Hannah Brencher healed herself of loneliness and a depression that had, as she puts it, "sucker-punched me in the face" after college. Hannah tells her story that began on 10/10/10:

TOS Grants and Local Group Seed Money

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The Theosophical Order of Service (TOS) is a charitable organization actively involved in the alleviation of suffering in the world. The TOS motto is “a union of those who love for the service of all who suffer”.

One of the ways the TOS in the USA serves is by drawing attention via our website and our magazine, For The Love of Life, to the efforts of others who are actively working in one of our areas of service: Family, Social Services, Animals, Ecology, Peace, Healing and Arts & Music. 

From the President's Desk Winter 2012-2013

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​Someone recently asked me “what are the goals and purpose of the Theosophical Order of Service in the USA”.

It seems a simple question.  I could quote our motto:  "A union of those who love for the service of all who suffer." I could quote our mission: "To promote reverence for all life, universal brotherhood, and world peace through service activity."

Update on the International TOS Conference in 2013

(Excerpted with permission from TOS intouch, the TOS-INTL newsletter)

You are warmly invited to participate in our International Conference if you are an active worker in your TOS Group at local or national level. The three-day conference will be held at Olcott, the national center of the TS in America in Wheaton, Illinois from the evening of Tuesday 23 July to Friday 26 July, 2013. The TOS Conference is preceded by a five-day Summer National Convention of the TS in America from 19 July to 23 July. All are invited to attend this event as well.

Good Earth Singers heal the earth on 12/21/12--are you in?

What the creator has made cannot be destroyed.

This is the message of a Nigerian tribal song known as “Ise Oluwa,” and it is the premise behind the work of Shyla Nelson, a Vermont classical soprano, mother of two, and earnest theosophist.

Joseph's House: Seeing God in Everybody

The big gray house. Gwendolyn, a member of the Washington DC Theosophical Society (TS) group, often wondered what went on in the big gray house up the street from where she lived. It was “Joseph’s House,” a hospice caring for the dying homeless.  After taking a tour, Gwendolyn told her fellow TS members they just had to see this for themselves.

Stop Golf Course

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The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland is a World Heritage site and regarded by many as the 8th wonder of the world.  [Edit: Click here for information and images on the Giant's Causeway]


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