• Helping to Feed the Homeless in Raleigh, NC

    Members of the Research Triangle Study Center delivered 100 bag lunches to the homeless in downtown Raleigh, NC. TOS members filled decorated bags with sandwiches, fruit, water and candy or protein bars. The bags sported hearts and flowers or messages like "We love you!" and "You are special."

    Research Triangle group photo
  • Mushrooms [and income] for Ghana

    Funds granted by the TOS to the Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation: Mushrooms in Ghana Project will help to renovate and complete a spawn (mushroom seed) laboratory at Bemcom Training and Resource Centre in Techiman, Ghana, West Africa. Mushrooms add needed protein to the Ghanaian diet, and help to increase the income of local farmers most of whom are women.

    Enterpreneurs growing mushrooms in Ghana
  • TOS ‘seed’ money pays dues for members of the TSA prison program

    The TOS Dharma Group used ‘seed’ money granted by the TOS Board to pay the annual dues for a number of members who participate in the Theosophical Society in America’s Prison Program. The Prison Program offers one-on-one mentorship to incarcerated men and women who wish to participate in theosophical study courses.

    Prisoners in classroom
  • Cowspiracy, Peaceable Kingdom and the China Study

    The TOS encourages a life style that protects our environment, and fosters humanitarian issues. Two recent DVDs and a book that focus on planetary sustainability, human compassion and public health have been made available free for the asking by L. Miles Standish, longtime TOS member. Contact Miles at miles <at> crnatural.net (replace '<at>' with '@' and remove spaces).

    Cowspiracy book cover photo

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Friends and members of the TOS have asked if we are collecting donations for relief work amongst the victims of the April 25 2015 earthquake in Nepal and its aftershocks.  The TOS does not have a presence in this country so we suggest that you visit the website of Karuna-Schechen (http://karuna-shechen.org/), a highly respected organization that has been working in Nepal for over 15 years.  Its vibrant outreach programme (including mobile medical clinics and camps) is in place in a large number of locations with a team of professional [node:read-more:link]

July 2015 – An Important Question

Are we too busy to meditate? What about exercise, can we fit that into our schedules? Then there are the myriad other things for which we are responsible, or think we are: care and feeding of family, pets, houses, gardens, nurturing friendships. What’s that you say? You have a job, and you’re active in your local Theosophical Society (TS) lodge! You volunteer at the food bank once a week, and you’re taking a class. Are you getting a good night’s sleep? Sleep? What’s that you ask? [node:read-more:link]


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