"A union of those who love for the service of all who suffer"

Practical Sufism: A Guide to the Spiritual Path

by Philip Gowins
(Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2010, 219pp).

Enough of phrases and conceits and metaphors !
I want burning, burning, become familiar with
that burning! Light up a fire of love in thy soul,
Burn all thought and expressions away.
Jalal al-Din Rumi

Sufism — mysticism in the Islamic world — has flourished chiefly in Arab countries and in Persia, and later in what is now India and Pakistan.  In Persia and Indian Sub-continent, Sufism built upon earlier pre-Islamic traditions of mystic thought.  As Walter Stace noted in his The Teachings of the Mystics “The natural drift toward pantheism which is a general feature of mysticism in the West — where the theologians and ecclesiastical authorities try to suppress it and brand it as heresy — is even more pronounced in Sufism than in Christianity

The Quotable Krishnamurti

by Robert Epstein (Wheaton, IL : Quest Books, 2011, 176pp.)
book review by Rene Wadlow

There is the true story of the Westerner who goes to India and is asked to give a short talk at a conference. “How long?” he asks. “Not more than two hours” was the reply.  Thus J. Krishnamurti’s short talks were nearly all two hours in length. I used to attend them at Saanen in the Swiss mountains.  Usually one got the point that was to be made in the first 15 minutes, and then there was another hour and 45 minutes.  However, there was a small stream near the large tent where the talks were given, and I would listen to the water running and every so often focus back to see that the talk was still going on.

Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907): The Buddhist Bridge

by Rene Wadlow

There is, in a period of transition, a need for individuals with the specific talents of organization and the ability to translate doctrines into social policy.  Henry Steel Olcott was such an individual.

The last quarter of the 1800s was a period very much like our own — a period of transition with no firm guidelines as to the shape of the period to come.  It was a period, like ours, of cross currents, of strong positive and negative movements.

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TOS Action Group Wheaton Cancer Calendar (6/22/2011 - 7/22/2011)

Cancer is the sign of manifestation and is perfectly represented by the crab that comes up out of the water carrying its home on its back.  Within the influence of Gemini we saw the process of the manifestation of the etheric body taking place.

Simple Service: Admire the Trees

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Simple Service: Admire the Trees

Humanity’s love affair with trees is a long-standing one.  As Joyce Kilmer confessed, “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree” [unless, of course, it’s theosophy . . . but I digress].   What follows is an appreciation of what trees give to the world, and then an invitation to humanity to keep the symbiotic magic flowing by giving back to trees.

Trees give so much to so many

Connecting Kids with Nature

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"What do parents owe their young that is more important than a warm and trusting connection to the Earth...?"     Theodore Roszak, The Voice of the Earth

I've discovered a few resources for connecting kids with nature, and now seems to be a good time to share them, with school coming to an end:

De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times

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It's so easy to become imprinted with fear and anxiety just from watching the news.  As we watch tragedies and natural disasters, we naturally feel empathy for those involved, but also can become fearful, even subconsciously, that something similar might happen to us or those we love.  Personal stresses, such as job loss (or fear of job loss), financial pressures, or loss of a relationship adds to the emotional load so many are carrying.  


Parched: Australia Faces Collapse as Climate Change Kicks In

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From:  http://www.independent.co.uk
by Geoffrey Lean and Kathy Marks -- February 1, 2009 (with supporting information April 21, 2011)

Leaves are falling off trees in the height of summer, railway tracks are buckling, and people are retiring to their beds with deep-frozen hot-water bottles, as much of Australia swelters in its worst-ever heatwave.

TOS Action Group Wheaton Gemini Calendar (5/21/2011 - 6/21/2011)

Gemini is the sign of relationship, communication, and interplay of forces.  As we saw the slow decent of divine force into ever more dense fields of reality, first into impulse and thought forms and then into the form of developing emotion and cohesion, now we see that force becoming concretized into the etheric body, or the true “physical” essence.  At this stage on the path into density the Soul has fully organized a mental and an emotional body and is in the process of completing the set with the establishment of the etheric body.  The completion of these three bodies for the use of the Soul establishes what we understand as the personality.


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