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The Theosophical Order of Service/USA is happy to announce the formation of of the Children's Education Fund (CEF) for all of our TS Federations, Lodges, Study groups and TOS Service Groups. 

The five schools selected for sponsorship are:

  1. Golden Links (Manila, Philippines)
  2. Educational Sponsorship Program (Karachi, Pakistan)
  3. Tibetan Orphanage (Tibet)
  4. Olcott School (Adyar, Chennai, India)
  5. New School Construction in Vietnam  (Vietnam)

In 2006, the Covington Lodge in Louisiana initiated a TOS project in their TS group sponsoring a child for a year in the Pakistan Educational Sponsorship Program.  To sponsor one child, the group donated $100.00 on May 1st, 2006.  The check was written out to Theosophical Order of Service/USA with a memo that the donation was to go to the Educational Sponsorship Program in Pakistan. The check is sent to the TOS/USA because they are a nonprofit organization with the 501 (c) (3) tax exemption, and act as the agent to wire the funds overseas.

The Covington Lodge received a letter from our student stating her gratitude and hopes for her educational future.  We also received a report card and a picture.  We found this to be a successful endeavor.  We hope your group will be express interest in sponsoring a child from the selected schools.

In the near future, this website will have information on each of the schools, and also the upcoming TOS magazine "For the Love of Life" will include more details on the schools.  Direct your questions to Jo Schneider at (change -at- to @).  Mail contributions to:

Theosophical Order of Service
PO Box 660
Warrenville, IL 60555

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