Cultural Bridge-building

Aimé Césaire: (1913 – 2008) A Black Orpheus

Part of the "Cultural Bridge Building" series of articles by Rene Wadlow

My negritude is not a stone,
nor deafness flung out against the clamour
of the day
my negritude is not a white speck of dead water
on the dead eye of the earth
my negritude is neither tower nor cathedral.
Return to My Native Land

Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907): The Buddhist Bridge

by Rene Wadlow

There is, in a period of transition, a need for individuals with the specific talents of organization and the ability to translate doctrines into social policy.  Henry Steel Olcott was such an individual.

The last quarter of the 1800s was a period very much like our own — a period of transition with no firm guidelines as to the shape of the period to come.  It was a period, like ours, of cross currents, of strong positive and negative movements.

James H. Cousins (1873-1956):


We who have grasped the spirit’s hand
Are not divided when we part;
Though men by ghostly shapes possessed,
Map their false bounds of ‘East’ and ‘West’.

James Cousins “Farewell—Yet Not Farewell”



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