Golden Link School: Final Figures

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I am extremely happy to report that we have met and exceeded our fundraising goal for the Golden Link School in the Philippines. For those who may not be familiar, in February of 2008 John Kern of the Kern Foundation approached the TOS/USA with a challenge. He offered to match dollar for dollar any amount we could raise for the Golden Link School up to $30,000. We had until December 31st to do it. When we began our efforts I felt confident that our global TOS community would respond and that we would reach the $30,000 mark. At that time we did not anticipate the global economic downturn that soon engulfed us.

We have received contributions from numerous individuals around the world and from Theosophical Society and TOS sections in England, France, Australia, Italy, the Philippines, the USA, Spain, and Canada. Throughout the process I have been deeply impressed by our global community’s open hearted and generous response, especially given the fact that the bulk of our donations have come from individuals who are feeling the pinch of changing financial times. It is a good thing to see generosity increase in the face of declining outer resources.

The only aspect of the entire fundraising effort that I could begin to call a problem falls into the “embarrassment of riches” category. As we approached the end of the calendar year it became clear that we would substantially surpass the $30,000 goal. So many TOS groups had worked so hard raising money with the thought that every dollar would be doubled that it seemed a shame to let them down. In spite of the significant market challenges that the Kern Foundation was experiencing, John Kern increased the matching grant from $30,000 to $35,000. By the end of the year the final amount we raised was $39,653.86. With the Kern grant the total we will be sending to the school is $74,653.86.

Looking forward, the Kern Foundation has committed to another matching grant for 2009. This time the amount is $20,000. Donations can either be made on the website , look for The Golden Link School on the “Donate” page, or by mail to: Theosophical Order of Service_PO Box 660_Warrrenville, IL 60555

I want to thank everyone who participated in this effort. Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated and are certain to make a difference in the lives of the children at the school. 

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