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Speak Up for Those Who Can’t Speak for Themselves

Recently you may have received information about blatant animal cruelty at the Butterball processing plant in Arkansas. A video clip and link to details about the abuse as well as a link to an online letter to Congressional representatives and to the USDA was also included in the previous email for concerned individuals to sign and send.

In addition to sending the online letter, there is yet another important step to voice a demand for humane treatment of these animals.

Please send a short letter to the CEO of Con-Agra, the agri-business corporation that owns Butterball. Be polite and professional. And be succinct. A long letter is less likely to be read.

In your own words, please include the following in your correspondence:

Express your disgust at the perverted conduct enacted by plant workers at Butterball.

Let the CEO know that you will not buy Butterball turkey.

Demand that slaughter by inert gas be adopted, making it unnecessary for workers to directly handle birds prior to slaughter. Poultry slaughter by inert gas has been proven by agri-business experts to be the most humane method of slaughter. It is already in use for humane reasons at some progressive processing plants in the United Kingdom. Ask that Butterball set a humane precedent in the US by adopting this humane slaughter method. Express that humane slaughter is beneficial to all concerned: the birds, the consumer, and the corporation.

Express that these concerns are important to conscientious consumers and that consumers vote with their purchase choices.

Send your statements to:

Gary Rodkin, CEO Con-Agra, Inc.
1 Con-Agra Dr.
Omaha, Nebraska 68102

To learn more about humane poultry slaughter by inert gas and how it compares to the current and most commonly used form of poultry slaughter in the US, go to the following link:

One agricultural scientist who studied the method of slaughter by inert gas concluded: “In my opinion, this is the most stress-free, humane method of killing poultry ever developed. The birds are quiet throughout the operation. They remain in the transport crate until dead and the killing procedure itself is fast, painless, and efficient. There is no risk of recovery from unconsciousness.”

If one is unfamiliar with the Butterball case and would like detailed information on the undercover cruelty investigation conducted by PETA, or to view the video clip of cruelty caught on tape, go to the following link:

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