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The latest issue of the TOS-USA magazine For the Love of Life (Winter/Spring 2008) has been printed and mailed to Theosophical Order of Service members in the USA.  Now, for the first time, you can view or download the online PDF version here.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader, OpenOffice free office suite, or other PDF viewer program is necessary. Most versions of Linux include several free PDF viewers.)

(Suggestion: users with broadband can choose to simply open and view these files.  Others should save the files to disk.  Then, browse with your file manager program to the directory where you saved the files, and double-click them.  If you have a suitable PDF file reader installed, they should open automatically.)

Magazine Content (PDF 5. version, 4.91 MB)
Magazine Cover (PDF 5. version, 817 KB)


Webmasters note:   If you are tired of Windows viruses and the high cost of Windows software, I recommend you try Ubuntu Linux. (Linux is an easy-to-use, virus-free, full-featured, free operating system that comes with a huge amount of high-quality free software of amazing quality.  It is suitable for use by novices on desktop PCs.)

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