Hutoxy Contractor (June 21, 1936 – January 27, 2016) by Joseph Gullo

Hutoxy Contractor

We say goodbye to Hutoxy (pronounced Hutsy) Contractor, 79, a stalwart member of the TOS. Hutsy had a B.A. in sociology and anthropology. She and her husband Dinshaw, originally from India, were married in 1958 and continued their ancestral Zoroastrian faith in the United States where they raised five children. Hutsy is survived by her husband, Dinshaw and four children, Rashna, Yasmin, Yazdi and Arnavaz. Sadly, their fifth child, Shernaz died in an accident 1985.

A few decades ago, when Jean Gullo, former President of the Theosophical Order of Service in America, was setting up the new journal For the Love of Life, and the greater amount of the work had to be done in her home, there was one who never failed to be there to help. That was Hutsy. For whatever needed to be done, she was there to help, be it stuffing and sealing envelopes, serving as a skilled accountant or acting as Director of the Healing Network.

G.S. Arundale said that service in the physical world is action. Hutsy did not pause or withhold action when it came to helping the less fortunate. With Dinshaw, she prepared meals regularly for scores of the homeless and hungry, and then they both served those meals to those in need. Arundale also said that service in the emotional world is sympathy. When Hutsy could not serve in person she gave funds, a generosity that was quite extensive. Arundale also said that service in the mental world was understanding, a quality Hutsy showed in many ways, supporting many causes she felt were worthy of aid.

Her kindness, generosity and service on all levels prompted Jean to refer to her as the most loving, kind, generous and service-minded person she had ever known – the kind of person that Annie Besant herself might have held as the model of the ideal TOS member.

In The Voice of the Silence we are told that on the path of spiritual growth “ live to benefit mankind is the first step.” There can be no question that Hutsy has taken the giant first step on that path. And again, we are told, “Let thy soul lend its ear to every cry of pain like as the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun.” Our dear friend embodied these qualities – and more – in her everyday living. When shall we know such another?

And so, Dearest Hutsy, may flights of angels guide you on your heavenly journey and surround you with the love and care from family, friends and those countless others you have so lovingly served.

Dinshaw and Hutsy
Dinshw and Hutsy at Olcott TOS Conference 2013

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