Love Without Measure

Have you ever given the TOS Animal Healing Network a try? It may help save the life of your companion. Cali is an 8 year-old German Shepard who was continually losing weight due to diarrhea. After three weeks of being on the healing list, she showed signs of improving. Here are some words about the powers of healing from her owner:

“I want you to know that Cali is doing much better after 3 weeks of being extremely sick and lame.  We had to take shifts every night to make sure she could get outside in order to go to the bathroom.


Yesterday, we had another appointment with the new vet and she's now on two new meds for diarrhea.  But she started to rally the morning before our appointment. She got up on her chair for the first time in three weeks and is walking around her whole yard.


I really think all the positive energy you and the TOS Animal Healing Group facilitated for her made a huge difference!  Thank you so much for putting her on that list! We are all amazed and so thankful to see her up and walking around so much more.

She had lost 15 pounds and now we are in the process of fattening her up!


Thank you and your group so much for your kindness!”

If your companion is in need of some extra help, don’t hesitate to place them on the Animal Healing Network list. To do so, visit our website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Our angels for animals will get in touch with you.

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