Projects and Grants

Despite the pandemic and the cancellation of many programs, the TOS still had somewhat of an active year. Like everyone else, it was difficult to adjust to the complete shutdown of many things. Much of the work TOS workers do is in person. The Covid-19 pandemic stopped all of that. Yet, earlier in the year, we coordinated efforts with various people around the country to distribute food to medical workers at several different hospitals. Much of this was done remotely and while the pandemic continues, we hope to be able to offer our services again in some other fashion to those on the frontline.

The TOS would like to, once again, thank all of you who either donated money or set up meals with local restaurants and had them delivered to local hospitals. The food and attention were appreciated by so many medical workers who were risking their health and lives at an overwhelming time. Pictures of the various hospitals helped are posted on our Facebook page

One of the recommendations during the pandemic is to try to keep a routine. The TOS is no different. Despite being very disappointed at not being able to meet in person at the Summer National Convention, we met online to discuss the budget for the following fiscal year. We disbursed over $16,000 in grants to following organizations and efforts:

NA Assistance 4000
Vinah (VietNam Humanitarian Foundation) 1500
Lakota Waldorf School 1500
Midwest Homeless Vets 500
Service Project for Summer School 1000
OES Womens Vocational Center 1333
Golden Link College 1333
TSA Prisoner Program 600
Indralaya Diversity Fund 1000
Adyar Theosophical Academy 1333
Animal Dispensary in Adyar 500
Caregivers Retreat 1500

Aside from the money distributed here, $3500 was kept for seed money. This allows those interested in starting a TOS project to apply for funds to help get them started. Proposals can be sent to

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