SNC 2018 Service Projects

As was mentioned in our last newsletter, way back in April (a lifetime ago!), the TS and TOS had decided to collaborate on a half day of service. Participants were allowed to choose from four different projects: a world peace meditation, working in the peace garden, bagging groceries at the Humanitarian Service Project, or packaging socks and underwear for homeless men, women, and children. Needless to say, many members took up the effort to serve, choosing one of the events. The photos below can give you an idea of how the day went. Despite the on and off rain, a few hardy gardeners made it out to the peace garden to dead head and weed.  Fortunately, there are no photos from the meditation. (In other words, phones were shut off or not brought into the meditation.)

Gardening in the Garden of Remembrance and the Peace Garden

Bagging Groceries at Humanitarian Service Project

Packages for Friends

On behalf of the TS/TOS, we'd like to thank all of you who signed up and served. We hope that it inspired some of you to think about creating a service project in your study group, lodge, or community.

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