TOS Elects New President

At a TOS board meeting on March 5, the TOS unanimously elected Kathy Gann as the new president of the Theosophical Order of Service, replacing Ananya Sri Ram Rajan. Kathy is no stranger to the TOS, having served on its board for several years in the past. During that time, she was the national liaison coordinator, a position that was essential to the growth of the TOS in the US. In this office, she worked to stay in touch with TOS group leaders around the country through a newsletter called Spirit of Service and helped with project ideas to get groups active.

Kathy is always one to try a new idea. One of her ideas as liaison coordinator was a Campaign for Kindness. (Some of you who took part in this endeavor may remember it.) For the entire year, participants took up intentional acts of kindness. It didn’t have to be anything spectacular. What was essential is that the acts came from the heart. At the end of the year, people sent in what they did. What was interesting to note was the number of things we can do for all creatures great and small around us and how the smallest acts can sometimes speak the loudest.

A student of Theosophy since 1994, Kathy joined the TS in 1996, served as president of the Denver TS study center, was the Western district director of the TSA and then served as its vice-president. The TOS looks forward to having her as its new leader!

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