TOS International Conference 2018

The fourth international conference of the TOS will take place in Singapore in August 2018. It will immediately follow the Theosophical Society World Congress. The specific place and dates are still to be determined.

If you have never attended an international TOS conference, this is a good opportunity to do so. Previous conferences, which have been held in Adyar, India and at Olcott, the Theosophical headquarters in the USA, have brought together workers from around the world, unifying our TOS purpose and creating a nucleus of shared ideas and support despite our difference in culture and language. These are defined as working conferences in order to help solidify our mission in the TOS on a local and an international basis. Through various creative exercises, workers join together to examine the work they are doing, the barriers and benefits they have in their work, and resources they need to set achieve goals. TOS workers who attend the conferences often find a renewed sense of purpose toward their work due to their own creative process, the help of other’s ideas, and the encouragement given by the various TOS workers they meet from around the world.

We will work to keep readers updated about the conference details as they emerge.

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