An Update on Our Call to Action

vegetarian power bars, fruit, and chips

Since sending out the call to action on March 29, we have received over $6,000 in donations. With the Summer National Gathering service program being cancelled, the $1000 allotted for it was given to the Meals for ER workers project. With these funds, we have provided nutritious snacks from Costco to over 100 people on the ER/ICU unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, lunch from Old Jerusalem restaurant to 60 ER/ICU staff members at Illinois Masonic Hospital in Chicago, 100 dinners from a local Middle Eastern restaurant to ICU unit at UCLA medical center in Santa Monica California. And next week will have meals from a local restaurant going to a hospital in Seattle, Washington. One of the hardest hit states. As soon as we get photos, we will post them here.

We cannot thank you enough for the support you have provided. If you haven’t yet given, please consider donating $15.00 or more to sponsor a meal or two for a healthcare worker in the ER. Every coordinator we have talked to from the hospital says the staff are overwhelmed at the generosity shown. This project has been instrumental in letting those on the frontline that we are thinking about them. Let us continue to show our support!

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