• What Does Helping Others Mean to You?

    The TOS wants to know “What does helping others mean to you?” Not your definition, but why do you help others? What makes you volunteer? How has it changed your life?

    We are hoping to collect videos of people answering these questions. But if you feel shy about being on a video (camera phones are great and easy…hint hint!), we welcome you to send us an audio recording of what helping others means to you. If you send us either a video or audio, please also send us permission to use it as part of our outreach. We are intending to put together various clips as an introduction to the TOS to be used in lodges and study groups.

    We thank you in advance!

  • The Dangers of Plastic

    Members of the Salt Lake City Theosophical Society displayed the devastating effect of plastic pollution on the oceans, animal life, and humanity at the University of Utah. Members set up a massive display and spent hours talking to community member of all ages. According to one man, the display provided “a profound, realistic picture that forces us to look at our choices, and the consequences of that choice.”

  • Latest Issue of For the Love of Life

    The 2017-2018 winter issue of For the Love of Life is available to read for free online. This edition revolves around ethics. The editorial staff would like to thank its readers for all its support. Physical copies are available by request.

  • For the Love of Life Goes Online

    In an effort to cut down on printing and mailing costs and reduce our carbon footprint, the Theosophical Order of Service is creating an online version of its journal For the Love of Life. If you would like to continue receiving a copy of For the Love of Life in digital form, please send your email address to info@theoservice.org. Hard copies of future issues will no longer be available.

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We Are All Wounded Healers

Relationships can be difficult for many people. So much of what we see in the media today shows that many humans have an easier time relating to animals than to other humans. There seems to be an inability among individuals to understand why others do not see the world the same way and frustration ensues as each person tries to get the other to do so. Tactics of blame and shame slip from lips to defend personal points of view and it is done so often, it is not even realized. Read more about We Are All Wounded Healers

TOS Work and its Activities

We thought we would take the opportunity to let you know what the TOS has been doing in the last nine months. As many of you know, our fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31. Our budgetary meeting this year was done in April. We disbursed over $15,000 in grants to various projects that fell into line with the objects of the TOS. More information about those grants will be in our annual appeal letter. The sum of $5,000 was kept aside to help in our outreach program so that the TOS can visit various lodges and study centers in the US without the financial burden being placed on them. Read more about TOS Work and its Activities

For Denver Members, It Was Looking A Lot Like Christmas

In December of 2018, members of the Denver Theosophical Society donated items from the wish list of the Lakota Waldorf School located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. From undergarments to winter coats to books to munchkin-sized eurythmy dancing slippers, members felt the warmth of a job well-done as they worked together to keep the little ones warm and happy. Read more about For Denver Members, It Was Looking A Lot Like Christmas



The goal of the TOS is service to our fellow humans and all of life on our planet. We encourage participation on this website through comments by both TOS members and non-members. For more detail on the TOS, please see About Us.

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