The goal of the TOS is service to our fellow humans and all of life on our planet.  We encourage participation on this website through comments by both TOS members and non-members.  For more detail on the TOS, please see About Us.

If you have a service-related article you would like to contribute, please contact us via the contact page.

New articles and announcements appear on the front page of the site.  Articles describing a service project will appear on the Active TOS Projects page.  Use the links under the TOS Activities menu at left to browse other areas of the website.

"Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain before thyself hast wiped it from the sufferer's eye. But let each burning human tear drop on thy heart and there remain, nor ever brush it off, until the pain that caused it is removed." (From The Voice of The Silence by H.P. Blavatsky)

The Theosophical Order of Service is international in scope, autonomous in each country, and organized to meet the needs of its own communities. In the United States our address is:

Theosophical Order of Service
PO Box 1080
Wake Forest, NC 27588

The official journal of TOS-USA is "For the Love of Life", currently published two times per year and mailed to members. Individual departments may publish their own newsletters.

For information about the philosophy of life that inspires our involvement, see The Theosophical Society in America or Contact  Us. Your message will be forwarded if necessary.

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