Nutrition...A Plague in the "West"

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This morning's paper came.  In it were the usual stories of crime, politics, and what not.  However, there was a feature that caught my eye, because it hits at a very personal level. 

In today's "Arizona Daily Star", the article "Abundant fat, starch, sugar force adult ailments on kids" details the plight of undernourished families in the area.  Much like the Hungry Ghosts of Tibetan Buddhism, ignorance, combined with the high cost of healthy, nutritious food leads to a number of illnesses which typically strike during adulthood, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and my own personal nemesis, Type 2 diabetes. 

Controlling disease through diet requires a lot of effort and the means to afford the right kinds of food to keep body and soul together.  Susan and I were discussing the dietary needs and financial means of many of those caught in this predicament.  There are many fine stores today who sell very nutritious products such as Trader Joe and local Co-Op markets.  The problem is that much of what they sell is way too expensive for those living on public assistance or on very low wages.  Also, much of what is sold as "health" food is disturbingly high in sugar and fat, both of which are, in excess, quite deadly.  Putting "healthy" or "low in fat" or "reduced sugar" on a label does not make something healthy.  48 grams of fat or sugar on a label may be 40% less than 80 grams, but either in a body that is diabetic is sheer poison.  But this is not a rant on physiology, as there are those out there among our readers who are much better versed than I in these matters.  

 The spiritual aspect of this is the issue of human suffering.  This is twofold, first is the poor choices forced on individuals by personal financial situations and the second is the massive cost imposed on our culture (and health care system) by these choices, and their causes.

 This is a really bad, and shameful situation which deeply begs a solution...the question is "who will lend a hand"?

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