The aim of the Peace Department is to promote the principles of goodwill, equality, compassion, tolerance and brotherhood, and to aid individuals and the planet as a whole in achieving a state of both inner and outer peace.

To this end, the department offers an abundance of information, action suggestions, activities and networking opportunities through articles in For the Love of Life, as well as free department-sponsored projects.  The Peace Department is truly international, and project members represent various countries, cultures and religious traditions.

Regular Activities of the Peace Department:

  • Circles For Peace
  • GAIAFIELD  A world-wide effort for peace through prayer-meditation.  A special event is scheduled for March 28, 2007, but the activity is on-going and organized for concerted action.  Allow at least 10 minutes for watching this.

The Peace Alliance: A New Major Effort in the United States

Race ForTibet


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