Toward Greater Peace – Within and Without: Working with Devas

Peace is an inside job, and it starts with us.  If we want to see greater peace in the world, we must begin with ourselves.  Fortunately, like any archetypal quality, Peace already exists within us, and we need only attune ourselves to that vibration to experience it and radiate it to others.

One method of tuning into peace is to work with beings known as devas or angels, the intelligent agents of nature responsible for the building of our world. To work with them effectively, we must change our view of the world, in the sense of refocusing our attention.  We tend to look at the world and see the various forms through which Life manifests: a human body here, some trees there.  When devas look at the world, they primarily see the Life manifesting through the forms.  A little practice and intent go a long way toward tuning into the Life side of our world.  Two remarkable clairvoyants, David Spangler and Dora Kunz, have given similar guidance for tuning into the devic viewpoint which produces a greater sense of peace and harmony within.

In a recent post, David Spangler said he often receives this message when he tunes into the devic/angelic realms of light and energy, “If you could see the world as we see it, we would be better able to work with you.”  David explains that seeing the world as they see it is a matter of resonance, but that it also has to do with love because for devas, “love is an essential mode of being and doing.  They bring love to the world.”  We can find this difficult because what’s happening in the world isn’t always loveable.  We see and tend to focus on human frailty and imperfection, which results in injustice and suffering.  While the devas are not blind to human imperfection, David explains that they simply see the world in terms of Light.

If we begin to make a point of finding and focusing on beauty in the world, we will already have placed ourselves in greater resonance with the devas.  Is there an amazing sunset?  Bask in it for a few minutes and soak up the colors.  Have you witnessed human kindness?  Recall it, let it fill and warm your heart.  Take delight in the quirky playfulness of animals you see, and carry that feeling with you.  In these simple ways, we begin to focus on the Life that manifests through form.  What is the life force that manifests in the colors of the sunset?  What inner feeling prompted the kind person to act as they did?  What life force causes animals to be so playful and quirky?

To be clear, we must not ignore the dysfunction and suffering in our world because they spur us to change and evolve as quickly as possible.  Our discontent with “how things are” keeps us striving toward “how things could be.”  David says of the problems in the world, “These things call out to our compassion and our efforts towards wholeness and healing, just as they do for the angels.  But it is a powerful act of resonance with the spiritual worlds to open our hearts and minds to choose to hold love for the world and to see the beauty of life within it.”

Once in the habit of attuning to Light and Love in the world, how can we best work with devas?  In a 1974 talk at Pumpkin Hollow, Dora Kunz offered this easy advice: “When teaching meditation, I always suggest that we should try to listen to the sounds of the brook, birdsong, or the wind in the trees, for by so doing we open ourselves to the inner harmony of nature.  It is the realization of this harmony that brings us in touch with the consciousness of the devas.”  Dora went on to explain that we must “lose our sense of separateness” by setting aside our ego and becoming aware of vital energies we share with the rest of nature.  We should try to feel their rhythm and way of being.  She says we must experience this for ourselves and advises us to, “choose a part of nature that appeals to you, whether it be wind or water, rocks or trees.  But it is important that you really listen to the stream—well enough so that you can remember the sound when you are away from it.  This focused listening can produce changes in your consciousness.”  Attuning to natural rhythms, she said, would draw us closer to devic consciousness:  “Letting go of our preconceptions, and learning to be still and listen can make a link with the devic consciousness.  Because of the nature of that consciousness, this link is at the archetypal level, at the level of unitary concepts.”  Finally, she reminded us of the value of this practice: “Pain and anger and anxiety are transitory, whereas within the cycling energies in nature there is a pattern of order that is eternal.  Therefore, if we can recognize that in spite of our failures, we always have access to the order and harmony which lies within, we gain certainty that there is something, some power, which lets us feel whole again. . . . This experience is both healing and holistic, for it puts us in touch with the background of our lives which is beyond frailty and failure—the reality which is eternal.”

For a deeper study of the working relationship that is possible between devas and humanity, you may enjoy Geoffrey Hodson’s books, “The Kingdom of the Gods” or “The Brotherhood of Angels and Men.” [Free audiobook on YouTube.]  The purpose and benefit of working with devic beings was explained by Geoffrey as a creative process, similar to “the composition and performance of a celestial symphony” and he was shown a possible future in which humans and devas cooperate consciously and fully.  He explained, “For that day, it was intimated, man may well prepare.  Ugliness must be banished, war must be outlawed, brotherhood must reign, beauty must be enshrined in human hearts and revealed through human lives.  Then to a humanity united in one fraternity the High Gods [devas] will reveal their immortal loveliness and lend their aid in building a new world in which all men may perceive and serve the Supreme as Beauty and as Truth.”

Artist’s renderings of devic beings described by Geoffrey Hodson:

Angel of Celestial Music

Tree Nature Spirit

Lord of the Pines

Building a new, more peaceful world starts with us, and the building process takes place every time we take a step in the devas’ direction and develop greater resonance with them.  However you proceed, may Peace and Harmony fill your heart and mind, overflowing to the world around you.

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