Turn Up the Light!

With the passage of the Winter Solstice, we begin a New Year with a slightly increasing amount of light each day. 

The metaphor of increasing light is irresistible, filling us with hope for a peaceful, more enlightened world in the year to come.  Each year we say, "Never has the world needed Light as badly as it needs Light now."  Next, we may ask, “But what can I do?  I’m just one person."  

In the song "When You Believe," a poignant feature of the human condition is highlighted in the lyrics, "We were moving mountains long before we knew we could."  The lyrics are poignant because we often feel isolated and powerless, but this is illusion, not truth. In the rush of daily life, it's easy to forget that we are co-creators made of Light and that we have the power to share that Light at will. We can share it generally, or we can share it with laser precision.  Not only are we metaphorically capable of "moving mountains," but in truth, we've been doing it all along, intentionally or not.

As we head into 2024, an opportunity to serve presents itself now as always: emanate Light to the people, animals, and ecology of our world.  I can think of no more powerful balm for a world beleaguered by conflict and division than to be flooded with Light by those who know what exactly what they’re doing and who work with conscious intention.  This is something we can all do privately, in our own way.  As nature increasingly turns up the light day by day this time of year, let's follow suit and send as much Light to the world as we can muster.  As we hope for and proactively create a brighter and more peaceful 2024, I'm reminded of a warm, homey phrase from a hotel chain's commercials: "We'll leave the light on for you."  Yes . . . let's keep the Light turned up brightly for each other. 

Please be sure to let me know if your local group is involved in a service project so we can share the inspiration with others.  Most of all, thanks for contributing your Light to the world!

In service,
Kathy Gann

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