20/20 Vision on Our Earth

Have you ever wondered where all your garbage goes or whether what you put in your recycling bin actually is recycled? Perhaps it runs through your mind, but the thought quickly gets pushed aside by more “pressing” matters. We often think that once we dispose of something it is no longer our concern. The reality of waste only hits us when we see plastic islands in the ocean the size of Texas or watch the tragedy of dolphins and whales beached on our seashore. The image possibly moves us to stop using plastic and while such actions are beneficial, it is important that we try to do more.

The recent social media rise of Greta Thunberg and the awareness impact she has made on the countless number of people is overdue. Her youth and tremendous concern for the planet has endeared her to many. After all, there is nothing on this planet that does not come from the earth. When one takes this to heart, it is really a remarkable thought. Can you imagine constantly having people use your body to grow food, provide forests for wood, extract minerals and stones for innumerable reasons, and rarely think about the fact that you are a living being? Perhaps such an analogy to some seems far-fetched, but when we consider the effect the constant use and abuse of the earth is having on all of humanity, how can we not believe that the earth is saying, “I am a bit tired. Can you please be more aware of what you are doing?”

“Conservation” comes from the Latin word conservare which means “to keep, preserve, keep intact, guard.” Conservacioun, a term used in the fourteenth century was defined as “preservation of health and soundness, maintenance in good condition, the act of guarding or keeping with care.” For many, to conserve implies “a taking away” and no one wants to be told they can’t have more. But for humanity to survive we have to start thinking in terms of caretaking and living a life in balance. For all life on this planet to have conservation—preservation of health and soundness--we must practice conservation.

To this end, for the year 2020, the TOS will be offering information and ideas to readers on a monthly basis about green living so that our practical lives reflect the Theosophical teachings we so deeply honor. Unity does not mean just among human beings. It is unity with all life. We hope to encourage and help develop this sense of unity through this endeavor.

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