For Denver Members, It Was Looking A Lot Like Christmas

by Kathy Gann

Editor’s Note: This little write up is overdue, but with the holiday season around the corner, we thought we’d give you a little inspiration about things to do for the upcoming giving season.

In December of 2018, members of the Denver Theosophical Society donated items from the wish list of the Lakota Waldorf School located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. From undergarments to winter coats to books to munchkin-sized eurythmy dancing slippers, members felt the warmth of a job well-done as they worked together to keep the little ones warm and happy.

The Lakota Waldorf School embodies a beautifully harmonious blend of theosophical and Lakota values. As the school explains on its website, “In many ways the Waldorf curriculum parallels traditional Lakota wisdom and teaching. It shows many similarities to the ways the Lakota parents and grandparents raised and taught their children. Like the Lakota culture the Waldorf method respects the sacredness and individuality of each child and teaches through experience and through pictorial thinking rather than through concepts. The Waldorf education accepts and integrates the spiritual part of the human being as well as the spiritual life of the earth and all living beings.”

Not forgetting our furry friends during the holiday season, the Denver TS members also gave generous donations of cat food and wish-list items to the Cat Care Society, a no-kill shelter for homeless cats and kittens in Lakewood, Colorado.

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