Denver TS/TOS Helps Community Understand How to Help the Dying

On May 7, 2023, members and friends of the Denver TS/TOS, along with several community members, gathered for a presentation by Dr. Nelda Samarel on “How to Help Someone Who is Dying.” Nelda’s presentation covered topics such as why there is such a fear of dying, and her questions to the audience helped everyone realize that what one person considers a “good death” may be entirely different from what another person thinks. One person may wish to be surrounded by family and friends, while another may prefer peace and quiet while they do the sacred work of transitioning out of physical incarnation.

Finally, Nelda demonstrated a way of maintaining a comforting physical connection with the dying person (many thanks to our willing volunteer, Tammy). Participants gained an understanding of how to truly be of help to a dying loved one in a meaningful way. Finally, Nelda emphasized that the most important thing we can do for a dying loved one is to help them achieve a sense of peace.

To access Nelda’s teachings on this topic, please see her free online book “Helping the Dying”, (available in English and in Spanish):

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