Houston TS/TOS Fights Hunger in Southeast Texas

Members of the Houston TS/TOS rolled up their sleeves to ensure that ALL their neighbors will have enough to eat.  On October 28, 2023, members volunteered at the Houston Food Bank, which serves 18 counties in southeast Texas.  Thanks to hardworking staff and volunteers such as The Houston Theosophical Society, the food bank distributes 150 million nutritious meals each year!

A food bank can make all the difference in a household such as Heather’s, a single mom raising two little girls.  Her earnings from the restaurant where she works barely covers rent and daycare, so there’s little left for other expenses.  The groceries she gets from the Houston Food Bank allows her to spend that money on other necessities.  As Heather says, “It’s one less bill to pay.  It helps that I don’t have to spend money on food.  I don’t know what I would do without it.”  

The kindness shown by volunteers such as members of the Houston TS/TOS makes their neighbors’ lives a little more comfortable and secure, and that’s something we can all feel good about!  Reducing suffering is exactly what the TOS is all about.  Go Houston!

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