Meditation for Maui

On August 23, 2023, the Denver TS/TOS held a special Meditation for Maui, using an adaptation of Geoffrey Hodson’s healing ceremony (see below).  The members commented that, even though the gathering was small, the ceremony felt powerful and sacred.

Feel free to use the healing ceremony below for your individual or group meditation for Maui—it includes the people, animals and ecology of Maui, including a special section for the 150-year-old banyan tree in Lahaina.  Although the tree was severely damaged in the 8/2023 wildfire, arborists feel that it has a significant chance of regeneration.  May all those affected by the Maui wildfires be flooded with light, strength, resilience, and comfort.

Healing Meditation for Maui (Aug 2023)


Let us relax our physical bodies--quiet our emotions--still our minds--and harmonize our consciousness.

By an effort of the will let us enclose our group in a sphere of white light.

Let us think of ourselves as a chalice, into which Universal Healing Life is poured, and as we aspire to be one with this Life, the cup increases in size, growing ever stronger in the inner world.

Let us think of this Healing Life, in all its glowing splendor, flooding us with its power, and flowing out through our hearts to heal the sorrows and suffering of the world.

BELL x 3. 


We ask for and invoke the assistance and cooperation of the Devas who watch over Maui and its residents, may you work together with us to help all Life on Maui heal.  We dedicate ourselves as channels of healing.

Hail! Devas of the healing art! Come to our aid.

Pour forth your healing life into the people, animals and ecology of Maui.

Let every cell, every molecule, be charged anew with vital force.    .

To every nerve give peace.

Let tortured sense be soothed.

May the rising tide of healing life set every limb aglow

As by your healing power both soul and body are restored.

May each person, animal and plant affected by the fires in Maui be left with an

an angel watcher to comfort and protect them

Until health returns, or life departs from physical form.

May the angel watchers ward away all ill,

hasten the returning strength,

or lead to peace when life is done.

Hail! Devas of the healing art! Come to our aid,

And share with us the labors of this earth

That Universal Healing and Wholeness may be set free in

The people, animals and ecology of Maui.

Invoking Universal Healing and Universal Compassion, we hold a vision of Maui and all its residents in which they are in an optimal state of wholeness and wellbeing, radiant with happiness and good health. 

We see the people of Maui flooded with Light and Wholeness, Resilience, Strength and Comfort. 

We see the animals of Maui flooded with Light and Wholeness, Resilience, Strength and Comfort.

We see Maui itself, the land, minerals, water and vegetation, flooded with Light and Wholeness, Resilience, Strength and Comfort. 

May the banyan tree in Lahaina heal and regenerate itself from within, serving as a symbol of inner strength, new beginnings, and inspiration for all life on the island of Maui. 

May the City of Lahaina rebuild, becoming stronger than before, more resilient than before, and happier than ever. 

May those whose bodies perished know comfort and profound peace in their new state of being.

If anyone knows the names specifically of any people or animals affected by the Maui wildfires, they are invited to say those names now out loud or silently so the group may radiate healing light to each one.

Let us turn our thoughts to the angelic hosts in gratitude, recognizing our privilege in working with them.                               

We rededicate our lives, together with the added power we have received, to the service of the world in which we live.  

May all beings know peace.

BELL x 3.

The Healing service is ended.


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