TOS-USA helps the children of the Rosebud Indian Reservation

Karen McCormick
Karen McCormick

For ten years and counting Karen McCormick of the TOS in the United States has dedicated herself to the TOS’ Rosebud Project aiding Native American children. The Rosebud Reservation, located in the prairie lands of the state of South Dakota in the United States, has the 2nd lowest rate of poverty in the Nation. Karen and her husband work with a group within the Rosebud Reservation called: Okiciapi Wiwang Wacipi which means “They help each other”. The group’s ceremonial leader also works in the local school and assists by routing the items provided by the TOS to the neediest of the children.  Karen’s packages of school supplies, Christmas gifts and warm coats and clothing reach dozens of children each year. Elders have also received warm coats and blankets. This Autumn Karen sent backpacks, hoodies, miscellaneous clothing, shoes and school supplies. At Christmas large parcels filled with toys, games, dolls and other gifts brightened the Holidays for numerous children on the Reservation and in January jackets, hoodies, caps and other winter clothing arrived to keep out the cold.

Rosebud Christmas Project

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