War and the Soul

In 2005, Quest Books published one of its most profound books, War and the Soul by Edward Tick. While this book centers on the topic of soldiers and soul loss after combat, the message is viable for any population and anyone who has dealt with extreme violence and trauma.

The TOS Dharma Group in Wheaton, IL had an idea for a service project to benefit our veterans (and others). You may wish to join them. 

Members of the TOS Dharma Group came up with the idea of gifting copies of War and the Soul to local veterans’ organizations as a service project. They checked with the Theosophical Publishing House (TPH), found that there were copies in stock and negotiated a reduced rate at which to purchase the books and CDs. These have now been delivered to local area Vets’ organizations.

We thought this was such a good idea that we decided to make it a National Project and are sharing it with you in the hopes that this effort will go “viral”, at least within the TS/TOS.

In an effort to raise awareness about the situation of our veterans as well as the soul loss of individuals due to violence and trauma, the Theosophical Publishing House (TPH) has agreed to make available paperbacks and CDs of War and the Soul at a discounted rate to TS/TOS groups and individuals so that they may be donated to various VA centers, rehab centers, counseling centers, hospitals and any place where people can benefit from this insightful book.

If you know of localities near you where copies of this book can help others, think of taking advantage of TPH’s offer and gifting a few of them! (The holidays are right around the corner). It might change someone’s life, including your own.

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