Suggestions for Worthy Projects

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At the July 2006 meeting of the TOS-USA Board of Directors (updated July 2007), various types of projects were identified for action.  Given below are some of the types.

If you would be get involved with one of these project, please comment on this post, or start an new post about your chosen project!

If you have other service projects in mind, please add them as comments to this article.

Partnering With Other Service Organizations

   Adopt-a-Child Programs for abused, handicapped or parentless children
   (An example of combining these first two is shown at the following link)

Animal Welfare
   Protection of Animal Rights (avoiding cruelty)
   Shelters for Unwanted or Lost Animals

Serving the Elderly
   Meals and Transportation (Contact us to learn how one member is already doing this)
   Hospice Service

Temporary Workers for In-Place Emergency Response
   Become a "Reserve Emergency Respondee"

Donations and Service to American Indian nations in distress.  Hualapai Indian Reservation Aid Project
(computers for schoolchildren)  This project is organized by Miles Standish.

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