Support our videoconferencing server

Thank you for using the TOS / TS video conferencing server.  We are happy to provide this service to all TS/TOS organizations worldwide for meetings, conferences, presentations, and classes.  Use of the videoconferencing server provides enormous savings in time, money, and energy compared to physically attending meetings.

Please note that the website content policy, which specifies that site contributions must be related in some way to service, does not apply to the videoconferencing server.  Most sharing of knowledge that is intended to improve the human condition or the quality of life will be accepted.  For permission to use the videoconferencing server for your own class, conference, or meeting, please fill out our videoconference use request form.

This service requires very considerable server resources, and is therefore hosted on it own separate server in Illinois.  Please help with the cost of running our dedicated videoconferencing server.  The suggested donation is $5 per meeting, but any amount will be much appreciated.

A summary page of all completed videoconferences is here.

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