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We at the T.O.S. action group in Wheaton have been experimenting with different methods of service, and everybody involved has had very positive and useful insights into how to make things more effective and efficient. One such insight, which is the subject of this posting, is the forming of a yearly calendar, which will make it easier to serve all of the 7 branches of the T.O.S., as outlined by Mrs. Besant:

  1. Art and Music
  2. Family and Education
  3. Animal welfare
  4. Environment
  5. Healing
  6. Peace
  7. Social Services

There are two main reasons why it was thought important to come up with such a system. One was to prevent the same branch of service, for instance animal welfare, from being the sole focus of a particular action group, while neglecting the other branches. The other reason was to make it easier for other action groups around the U.S. to get started by giving them a rough outline to work within. Here now is a breakdown of this calendar:

With this system, three things are being dealt with: The astrological signs, the 7 rays, and the 7 branches of service within the T.O.S. We realize that some may not be familiar with the 7 rays, which make up the backbone of theosophical metaphysics, so they shall briefly be explained. These 7 rays have appeared time and again in different forms throughout both eastern and western religious traditions and those who desire to delve more deeply into the subject will not have a difficult time finding more information, as entire volumes have been dedicated to it.

There are 7 “rays” of energy that emanate from the Divine and create all things. Everything that exists is a combination of these ray energies in some way and each of these rays has attributed to it a list of virtues, vices, colors, planets, astrological signs, etc. Here is a list of the 7 rays along with their dominant qualities:


  1. Will/Power
  2. Love/Wisdom
  3. Active Intelligence
  4. Harmony through conflict
  5. Concrete Science
  6. Devotion/Idealism
  7. Ceremonial Order

There are different opinions as to which ray is attributed to which astrological sign, so we have used all that we have at our disposal to come up with the best possible conclusions.  One of the twelve signs will be listed each month with its corresponding ray, and with the branch of service that we have attributed to it. Keep in mind, there are twelve signs but only 7 rays and 7 branches of service, so in order to make things fit properly five of the rays and branches of service will be used twice throughout the year and two will be used once. At the beginning of each astrological sign the calendar for that sign will be posted here. It will list the sign, ray, the branch that will be focused on, and a brief description of the synthesis of the three. Along with this will be listed the monthly service project and all upcoming events taking place. We are currently in Aquarius:

Aquarius (1/19/10 - 2/18/10) – 3rd ray – Social Services

Aquarius is the sign of world service and brotherly unity.
The 3rd ray is the ray of active intelligence.
Service projects that deal with the easing
of suffering in the physical world fit nicely.

Monthly meeting:
Please join us on:
Monday, January 25th, 2010.
6:30 PM at:

Theosophical Society in America
1926 North Main Street
Wheaton, IL 60187

Service Project:
Join us as volunteers to serve lunch for the homeless on Sunday, January 31, 2010 at:
Hesed House
629 South River St
Aurora, IL 60506

Volunteers are needed for serving lunch from 12 PM- 1 PM (entertainment will follow).  Cleanup should be complete by 2 PM.

We are serving a vegetarian lunch consisting of:
Bulgar Chili
Corn bread
Fresh fruit

If anyone has questions, comments, or would like to help us with this month’s service project please contact Joseph Maiello: theoservice at (Spam preventtion: replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces).

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