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How fortunate we are to have the Dalai Lama visiting us in the United States. We might not have seen or heard him if it were not for the terrible tragedy befallen his own country of Tibet when the Chinese invaded his peaceful land and devastated the docile people. He escaped into India where he helped to establish a refuge for the Tibetan exiles. Most interestingly, even though he had hoped that his country might regain its independence and sovereignty, he said that he holds no hatred for the Chinese.

He stayed for a while in Northern India but found that the rest of the world needed him to bring his message of inner peace. He has visited us here in Tucson on two occasions and attracted huge attendance -- a “sell-out” -- many, many months ahead. He is always a delight. But more than that, he brings a spiritual message easily delivered and full of humor, which is at the same time utterly simple and deeply profound. The West rarely sees anyone so unaffected, cheerful and helpful. It’s wonderful to watch him enter a hall: he stops along the way to speak to people and touch them and smile at them, and impart genuine love and affection.

When he reaches the podium he settles himself easily and starts to speak. There is that quality about him that makes his audience utterly quiet while he is speaking. They know that every word is precious, every thought intense and filled with deep meaning. He uses no notes and speaks very easily and informally with lots of humor, much of it about himself.

One realizes that his universal message applies to everyone. And there is magic about him – that wonderful mystery that is always so with Great Ones. He exudes love so universal and undeniable and so genuine that one seems to “bathe” in it. You hear and believe everything he says, recognizing it as Wisdom. What he brings is Truth and Love. What he says we may instinctively feel to be true, yet when one comes away from the atmosphere it may be a problem to remember just what he said because we are trained to listen with our minds thus rendering our intuition nearly inoperable. When the Dalai Lama speaks it is best to listen with your inner self, your intuition.

May the entire world hear and know the message of the Dalai Lama -- a true servant of humanity.   

“There would appear to be a tendency in the T.S. today not to think about the Adepts, or at least to regard Them almost as abstractions without relationship to the work of the Society. This is a profound and regrettable mistake. The T.S. is in truth Their Society and They cannot be, as it were, thrust out of it; and to carry out its work week by week and month by month with direct reference to Them is unfortunate – a grave error, I suggest. Lodge meetings might very beneficially be opened by a brief mediation upon Then (the Masters of the Wisdom), and the fact that the T.S. is Their Society owing its existence to Them. Due gratitude from humanity is, therefore, in order. Individual members in their turn will be well advised to have Them at least in the back of their minds, though of course all are free.” – Master Morya


"War is organized violence" - The Dalai Lama

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