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Here is copy of a message received by the Webmaster (Miles) on December 18, 2005.  I have been in communication with this group for quite some time.

From: "Children Walking Tall" <>
Subject: Please Vote for Children Walking Tall
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 04:58:33 -0000
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Hi - tHe Big ChariTy BoX (sic) is a new scheme set up to raise money for UK Registered charities.  If you want to give to charity without donating money yourself, this is the IDEAL way and would be a great Christmas present for Children Walking Tall.  All you need to do is cast a vote for us.  The more people who cast a vote, the more money we will receive at the end of the year.  The more votes we get the more money the children will receive.  Therefore we are asking as many people to vote as possible.  As of sending this email, only just over 550 votes had been cast in total.  If everyone who receives this email makes a vote, we could double that figure.  If you could then send this to a friend we could guarantee a place at the top of the supported charities list.  The further up the list we, are the more money 'tHe Big ChariTy BoX' will give Children Walking Tall.  At the moment we have 1.4% of the votes.  If you work in a large company, how about asking 'The Boss' if you could make Children Walking Tall the charity of the year and get all your fellow employees to vote.  This way we can be the charity of the year without costing you or the company a penny!  To help us in this quest please visit:

and register to be able to vote for Children Walking Tall.  All you need is a unique user name, a password (NOT YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD!) and your email address.  The Big Charity Box will then send you an email with a link in it once a month.  Once you click on the link in the email that's sent to you, the box to fill in our name is displayed on the right.  Or you can copy the text below into the box (it's best to type the last character in manually as it doesn't always find it): children walking tall or Use our Registered Number 1106528.  It should then list the charity in blue in the list box.  Click on this and then press the Submit Vote button.  Hey, presto, you've voted for Children Walking Tall!  If possible repeat this for the next 12 months so that we can raise as much money as possible for Children Walking Tall.  Many Thanks,

Anyone can vote... (doesn't matter what country they are from) That's what makes it great.  It's done through advertising space so doesn't cost the voters or the charity anything....

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Children Walking Tall
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