Social Service

Social Service

In addition to the more obvious provisions of food for the hungry, clothing for those in need, and shelter for the homeless, members of this department are interested in the deep-rooted, far-reaching causes of social problems and in applying theosophical principles to their solutions.  Among other issues, world hunger, minority rights, and capital punishment are considered.  Members report their activities and exchange and discuss ideas to encourage others.  Often members are engaged in more than one outside organization in order to keep informed, to share a broader scope of world problems and to get to their deeper foundations.

Using service to transform negative emotions

Everyone experiences negative emotions, but a person who takes complete responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions chooses a constructive response.  A service mindset allows us to respond to stimuli in a constructive way. Following is an excerpt from "Becoming The Totally Responsible Person" by TRP Enterprises, Inc.:

What the World Needs Now is . . . More Love Letters

Not another app, not another website, not another social network. Just love, person-to-person. Stranger-to-stranger, even. Writing love letters to strangers in New York City was how Hannah Brencher healed herself of loneliness and a depression that had, as she puts it, "sucker-punched me in the face" after college. Hannah tells her story that began on 10/10/10:


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