Continuing Aid to American Indian Reservations

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The Theosophical Order of Service (USA) has been working to improve living conditions on the Reservations for quite some time.  We have provided varying amounts of aid to the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota and the Hualapai in northern Arizona.  Recently we have added the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Eastern Arizona.  We should be able to do more for San Carlos than for the others, because it is closer for us.

At San Carlos a high school teacher has joined our effort to place computers in the homes of high school students.  We now have about eight high-potential computers (with Windows XP Professional) being refurbished for donation to these students.  The computers were retired and donated by the Sedona Red Rock News.  We also have collected winter clothes and blankets for distribution to those in need.  Although some of the computers need a few replacement parts, we also hope to provide a printer with each computer, as well as Internet service.  All these things, not to mention delivery, mean more expenses for the project.

When we got a replacement for the main computer for the Sicangu Sun Times tribal newspaper on the Rosebud Reservation, it was severely damaged in shipment - the case was badly banged up.  It was functional for several months, but evidently the motherboard had been overstressed, and it died in November of this year.  Responding to this emergency, we got a replacement of a nearly new Apple Power Mac G5 at a total cost of $925.00.

We invite and request assistance with these expenses.  Donations for this project do not pass through the TOS and are not tax deductible.  If you would like to help, please click on this link:

All donations will be acknowledged with thanks.

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