Animal Welfare

Deer Hunting

This deer hunting season in the Midwest has been up close and personal for me.  I currently live with a friend who has allowed hunting on the property of 5 wooded acres.  I endured the view of a beautiful deer hauled onto the back of a truck and calling it a "harvest".  My friend is a wildlife lover, and loves nature - but eats flesh and believes in hunting for the control of the deer population.  I do not want to lose a friend, but the practice of hunting for sport on the property where I live is not acceptable to me. [node:read-more:link]

Meet your Meat

WHY VEGAN? D... Good Reason!

One of our members has offered a limited number of free copies of the DVD presentation Meet Your Meat.  These are available, one to a household, to anyone who requests them (USA only).  Produced by People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the running time of this presentation is 13 minutes, and it shows the way meat is produced in today's factory farms. If you would like to receive this, send your request to  Miles Standish [node:read-more:link]


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