Animal Welfare


by Candi Phillips

My lab/golden retriever mix, Mulder, is a constant source of amusement. His latest “trick” is mimicking a human smile. We are greeted after a day away with Mulder’s open-mouthed grin, often accompanied by bounding and dancing. If he could laugh, he’d enjoy these comments written by Jennifer Berman.

Tsunami Friends

These chums - a baby hippo and an ancient tortoise whose age is estimated at over 100 years - were displaced by the tsunami in December 2004.  They now comfort each other in their new surroundings.


by Candi Phillips

Yesterday I was horrified to see a cat under the birdfeeder. I immediately sent out the dogs that gave chase and barked as the cat went over the fence, but wondered if the baby cardinals had truly fledged or had fallen victim to this beautiful predator. The winter 2002-2003 newsletter of the Kindness Club in Canada contained good information about protecting wildlife from cats.


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