The Race for Arctic Oil

There is a touch of the 19th century scramble to divide Africa among European colonial powers in the decision of Russia to drop a capsule containing a Russian flag on the Arctic sea floor not far from the North Pole on August 2.  In preparation for the 1885 Berlin Conference which was to draw the boundaries of the African colonies, there was a mad rush to place national flags on all the commercial outposts so that France, England, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Portugal could claim prior possession of the area.

Two Hurricanes Have Put The World Ecology At Risk!

by Morry Secrest, Director
The two powerful hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, which struck the Gulf coasts of Louisiana and Texas within two weeks of each other, were an awesome display of Nature’s power. Cities have been badly damaged and towns have been simply erased. Millions of people were displaced from their homes and hundreds of businesses have been crippled or totally destroyed. The attention of the entire United States has been riveted on the pictures and reports of damage.


Robert C. Sivinski

‘Native Plant Society’ is a wonderful name.  It distinguishes us from exotic plant societies that fascinate over tropical orchids, African violets and other plants from far away.  The word ‘native’ anchors us to the place we inhabit and makes us an organization that appreciates local nature.  We are more than a garden club, and have our roots in the natural world.  I often wonder why more people do not join us, or similar societies, and am confronted with the realities of current attitudes and values.  Here is an example – a true story.

Several years ago, one of my uncles, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska,


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