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George Russell: The Song of the Greater Life

At a time when rising food prices have become a global concern and food riots are weakening governments, we need to look beyond short-term measures to deeper structural reforms. It is important to understand the political and cultural background of necessary changes, and it is appropriate to look at the contributions of earlier reformers. George Russell (1867-1935) helped create agricultural cooperatives in Ireland after Independence as part of a larger aim of spiritual awakening to a greater life.

For the Love of Life - online!

The latest issue of the TOS-USA magazine For the Love of Life (Winter/Spring 2008) has been printed and mailed to Theosophical Order of Service members in the USA.  Now, for the first time, you can view or download the online PDF version here.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader, OpenOffice free office suite, or other PDF viewer program is necessary. Most versions of Linux include several free PDF viewers.)

Mahatma Gandhi : In Tune With The Infinite

by Rene Wadlow

Kathryn Tidrich has written an interesting new biography of Mahatma Gandhi: Gandhi. A Political and Spiritual Life(London: I.B. Tauris, 2006, 380 pp.) which will be reviewed separately in the Book Review section.


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