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Christmas for Haiti

This year, some members of the NY Theosophical Society in NYC have begun collecting items to send to Haiti to help the poor in that country.  A friend of our Lodge goes to Haiti every December, bringing whatever she can to help alleviate the suffering and try to bring a little joy in the lives of the people there.  We have begun collecting toiletries, gently used summer clothing, home supplies and school supplies.  We are hoping to find other contacts to expand this project.

Reservation Newspaper Bolstered, Online Version Launched

Sicangu Sun Times
 ROSEBUD — At no time in the history of the Rosebud Indian Reservation has it been more important to have a homegrown newspaper reporting on the reservation.  That is the way PR Gregg-Bear, publisher and editor of the Sicangu Sun Times, sees the picture.

“When you get right down to it, it’s a humanitarian project of the first order, because it deals with passing on and exchanging information,” says Gregg-Bear, a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.


The TOS has been supplying survival assistance in the form of blankets and winter clothes, as well as Christmas presents for the children, to Rosebud Indian Reservation for several years. Our desire now is to escalate that assistance in ways that will be self-perpetuating and will encourage internal development to improve the quality of life on the Reservation. For the reader to have an appreciation of the magnitude of the problem, please review this link to an article in the Rapid City Journal of September 12, 2006.  Read the story.

In April of this year we began to support the publishing of the tribal newspaper Sicangu Sun Times. The newspaper was in dire need of more modern computers to replace old and failing equipment.  As of early June the publisher has received two Apple PowerMac computers – G4 and G5 - for the work of graphics design and page layout, and more equipment is on the way. We consider the newspaper to be a major player in spreading ideas and encouragement for building businesses and farming projects to improve the quality of life. 


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