What Makes a Theosophical Project?

Theosophical Service Project Guidelines

A truly theosophical project is one that:

  1. Arises from the viewpoint that all life is ultimately One and therefore all beings are interconnected. Project actions:
    1. Demonstrate compassion (where the mindset is altruistic and the motivating emotion is positive, i.e., action for the benefit of something or someone, not against something or someone); and
    2. Are applied with wisdom for the highest good of all concerned.
  2. Applies synergy and teamwork to accomplish its goals (teamwork may extend beyond the TOS to include working with non-TOS members and other like-minded organizations)
  3. Embodies integrity, honesty and dignity in the conduct of all workers involved.
  4. Impersonally monitors results to measure effectiveness but does not seek personal, egoistic reward.
  5. Raises up those served as well as those serving, inspiring increased awareness, connection, compassion, involvement and capacity.
  6. Seeks viable and sustainable solutions that help maintain or restore the dignity and self-sufficiency of individuals and/or their communities. Offers an opportunity for transformation of the situation, environment or people involved.
  7. Arises primarily from the heart rather than the mind (minds see problems; hearts feel solutions) and comes from a position of pure and altruistic love.
  8. Ensures wise use of resources by conducting reasonable due diligence prior to the grant of money to, or any support of, another person, organization or cause. Financial grants and/or involvement occur only after reasonable assurance that the person, organization, or cause operates in consonance with the theosophical principles outlined above. Priority is given to those projects with which TSA and/or TOS members are personally knowledgeable and/or involved.

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