How clear is the vision!

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Poem by Cindy Sparrow

How clear is the vision!
How it sends waves of Peace throughout the world, riding on the smoke of incense and the sound of bells!
How warm and free it makes you feel inside.

You are standing in a beautiful place, thinking thoughts of Peace.
Reach out your left hand and join hands with another Peace Seeker.
Reach out with your right hand, you will find another Seeker.
These Peace Seekers on your left and right also join hands with others, and they with others still.
On and on, we join hands and send thoughts of peace, compassion and oneness.

As the circle grows around the world, we see that the Peace
Seekers are women, men and children of many different races and religions. They come from a multitude of countries and wear clothing traditional to their heritage.

Our thoughts travel to Earth and her children, healing their wounds. Our thoughts travel through the universe, creating the most beautiful music ever heard. Hold each others hands gently, breathe deeply, and radiate the Peace and Joy that well up from deep within you.

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