The aim of the Peace Department is to promote the principles of goodwill, equality, compassion, tolerance and brotherhood, and to aid individuals and the planet as a whole in achieving a state of both inner and outer peace.

To this end, the department offers an abundance of information, action suggestions, activities and networking opportunities through articles in For the Love of Life, as well as free department-sponsored projects.  The Peace Department is truly international, and project members represent various countries, cultures and religious traditions.

Using service to transform negative emotions

Everyone experiences negative emotions, but a person who takes complete responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions chooses a constructive response.  A service mindset allows us to respond to stimuli in a constructive way. Following is an excerpt from "Becoming The Totally Responsible Person" by TRP Enterprises, Inc.:

HOPEMAKERS: Rwandan Genocide Orphans Grown Up and Leading from the Heart

They were young children in 1994 when Rwanda experienced the genocide that left 800,000 of them orphaned.  In the wake of the violence, Rwanda’s social structure collapsed, severely affecting schools, health care, and the economy.  Meeting the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and education overshadowed the daunting task of healing the orphaned children’s traumatic memories, injuries, illnesses, and fears.  UNICEF estimates that 96% of the children witnessed the massacres, and many children who survived were mutilated and raped, resulting in an unprecedented level of trauma among child


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