Indian social worker says TOS member project has saved many lives!

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I am Rudradevananda, have been working as a Yoga teacher and other relief work since 18 Years. Our Organization sent me to Orissa last year. While working here I found that because of sickle cell many family are suffering. While working in Sambalpur, Orissa, I went to one family, their eldest daughter had sickle cell and two children died. I went to another family village Gargadbahal, Sambalpur Orissa.  There four children died. Then I thought that I must help these people. I studied many books. I went to internet and studied about sickle cell. 

Finally I got contact with Lloyd Standish. He was very happy to know that I am very interest about this service. First he send me two bottle of carao. I gave to first patient Swrnamayee. She got improvement. When I saw the improvement I was very happy.

Since January 2008, I have been giving carao to the patients.  The patients are getting so much benefit. My dear Lloyd Standish is very sincerely sending carao.  Because of him many lives have been saved.  Hope people will help for this project.
May God Bless him.
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Nov. 9, 2008

editor's note: Lloyd Standish, your TOS-USA webmaster, regularly sends donations of pure carao fruit, a natural remedy for anemia, to India and Africa.  Carao fruit has been proven to be a very effective therapy for sickle cell disease through 4 years of clinical experience (as-of 11/2008) by Dr. Attahiru Sokoto in Nigeria, using carao donated by Lloyd.  More information here:

You can help pay shipping of these carao fruit donations, and help save lives of sickle cell patients!  Every donor receives a personal "thank you" email from Rudradevananda (India) or Dr. Sokoto (West Africa).  Note that these donations are not sent through TOS-USA, but rather go directly to Miles Standish, assistant webmaster (Lloyd's father).  The entire amount is used to pay for postage for shipping the carao.  Your donations is not tax-deductible.

To commentors: Please do not post questions on carao fruit for anemia here.  Send such inquiries to lloyd at (spam prevention: replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces).  Please limit your comments here to the subject of donations of carao fruit and other aid to India and Africa.


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