Kern Matching Grant

In our October 2017 newsletter, we wrote about how the Kern Matching grant was started in 2008 to help the Golden Link School. Since the school’s inception, it has grown tremendously and now provides a college education to students who are financially disadvantaged. (Please see the article “Donate $20.00 or more to the Golden Link College. Here’s why.”)

As we all know, education is important. A good education should not be available only to those who can pay for it. But sadly, that is what happens in many parts of the world. Every child deserves a standard of education that prepares them to navigate and excel in the world today. However, character building and right action need to be taught as well so children can succeed through right means. At the same time, “success” should not be something external to a child, but what they feel within themselves. Self-confidence and self-esteem should also be provided to a child, so that what matters to them is not based on what society is telling them, but what they are telling themselves. This is a very tall order for an institution of education, but one that the Golden Link College has continued to meet. And this is why the TOS-US and other TOS groups around the world, along with individual donors continue to support the Golden Link College through the Kern Matching Grant program.

We are pleased to announce that we have met the goal of raising $19,500 for the 2017 matching grant and would like to thank all of you who donated. This year will mark the tenth year of this endeavor and we are truly grateful to those of you who have helped keep this project going. We are also very grateful to John Kern and the Kern Foundation for their commitment to the work of the TOS.

We have now started the process of collecting funds for GLC for 2018. To donate, click on “Donate” and select Golden Link College on the drop down menu at the bottom. We thank you in advance.

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