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August, 2015
Warm greetings,
​This issue of the Spirit of Service  bears out the truth of something I can't help thinking over and over: theosophists are awesome!  The stories below leave no doubt that our members are putting theosophy into action, giving of themselves in very meaningful ways.  Best of all, their giving comes straight from the heart.  These are no shrinking violets . . . they see a need and dive right in.
So often we see a need but may not know how to help, or may not be in a position to help directly.  For times like those, don't forget the two healing networks in the TOS:  one for people and one for animals.  You can always help those in need by submitting names to the healing network, and experienced meditators will begin sending healing energy to move the situation toward greater wholeness.  Here's how to submit names:
Healing network for people: Leave a voice mail at 800-838-2179 or submit names via the internet.
Healing network for animals:  Send an email to: or submit names via the internet.
Feel free to forward this newsletter to the members of your group or anyone who might enjoy it.
In service,
Kathy Gann
TOS Liaison Coordinator
Photo above right: Mountain Bluebird by Elaine Wilson; terms of use.

Prison mentorship: a personal experience

TSA's prison program offers a meaningful outreach for incarcerated individuals sincerely desiring to study theosophy and change themselves from within.  Those who show a sincere interest are offered an opportunity to study with a mentor--a kind-hearted, well-studied theosophist who volunteers to correspond with prisoners as they study. 

I asked Clare, one of the prison mentors, to comment on what this unique form of service has meant to her.  Here's what she said:

To describe what it's like to be a mentor in this wonderful Prison Program, I would have to go beyond commonly-used words such as "service," "rewarding," or "sacrifice."  When this commitment is undertaken, you embark upon your own Self-discovery and become amazed at what you find hidden within yourself.

At one time or another each of my students has asked, "Why are you a mentor?"  My answer is always the same: "The more I teach, the more I learn."  I don't mean that just in an intellectual way; it's more about wisdom which comes from a performance of duty, and only in the silence can it be known.

As a mentor you clear the Path and Light the Way.  We are ambassadors for Theosophy.  --Clare
Note:  this program needs more mentors.  Currently, many prisoners must be placed on a waiting list for lack of mentors.  If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please contact TSA National Secretary David Bruce at:
True service flows from BEING

Clare's heartfelt response above reminded me of a blog posted by theosophical teacher William Meader (pictured at left) on his Emergent Light website.  The blog is titled "Service - A Point of Clarification."  The essence of the blog is this:  "In the truest sense, soulful service is not a function of doing, but rather of being. It is to hold an inner alignment with the soul then allow the personality to spontaneously respond to its wise perspective. When it comes to the question of service, doing is therefore best understood as an effect that arises out of being. Spiritually considered, it is crucial that a sense of soulful being precede doing."

Feeding the Hungry in Houston

On May 30, 2015, TS/TOS workers from Houston headed back to the food bank.  In just three hours, they bagged thousands of pounds of personal care items for men, women and children. 

Why work at a food bank?  On any given day, 66,000 people in southeast Texas experience the pain of hunger and have insufficient food.  Of those, 5,000 are children.

As the largest food bank in the country, the Houston Food Bank feeds 800,000 hungry people each year by distributing food through nearly 600 hunger relief agencies in 18 southeast Texas counties.

Yay Houston Theosophical Society! 

Houston TS takes compassion to the streets

Having read in the April 2015 issue of this newsletter about a TOS worker making Care Kits for the homeless, Houston members loved the idea.  Houston TOS liaison Zarine Balsara said, "I thought this was a good idea and promoted it at our meetings. Members were enthusiastic and lots of personal care, snack bars, tea bags, etc., were collected. Several bags were taken by each member and passed out during Compassion Week in April."


Want to make Care Kits for the homeless?  The February 2015 issue of this newsletter featured an article on how to do it.  Like our anonymous worker, "Annie," you can give your kits a theosophical twist by including the words to "O Hidden Life"  or perhaps your favorite wisdom quote in each kit.

A little inspiration . . .

"If we knew how blessed we can be by giving, people would be knocking themselves out to give more."   

--Kathy Zavada, composer, singer

"A union of those who love in the service of all that suffers."



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