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December 2016

In spite of the snowy weather, this is one of my favorite times of year. Dora Kunz summed up the reason beautifully when she wrote of the "very noticeable and even palpable atmosphere of goodwill we feel at Christmas." In his book, "Holidays and Holy Nights," Christopher Hill writes of Christmas in an unusual way that appeals to me on a deep level. I think it also provides a wonderful seasonal TOS intention, so I'm sharing an excerpt below. Please join me in the suggested meditation below as an act of service.

August 2016

This month we're focusing on helping our neighbors in southern Louisiana, as they struggle to recover from disastrous flooding. I had no idea how bad the flooding was, as the media coverage has been scarce--the first article below tells the story from someone in the heart of the flooded area. If you can help with a donation, that's great. If not, can you please help by sending healing meditative energy to the area and its residents, both human and animal.

May 2016

The articles in this issue highlight theosophists in action, and bring a bit of good news for the animal world. I think Madame Blavatsky would be pleased to see the teachings of theosophy being put into action by TS members and like-minded activists. Scroll down to the bottom for a new set of guidelines from the TOS-USA board of directors that defines what it is that makes a project truly "theosophical." The document is, in itself, a source of inspiration.

February 2016

In this issue, you'll find stories about TOS members who give their love away, and our TOS Healing Intention offers an easy opportunity to give away some of your love and work for peace at the same time. That's life in the TOS, where members seem to find ever more inspiring ways for their work to become, as Kahlil Gibran said, "love made visible."

December 2015

You have no doubt heard of the disastrous flooding in Chennai, India, including the flooding that took place at Adyar, international headquarters of The Theosophical Society.  To get a glimpse of how students at Adyar's School of the Wisdom coped with the power outages during their stay at Adyar while the rains raged around them, take a look at Tim Boyd's Facebook page--the video at the top shows students singing "Amazing Grace" by candlelight.  This, I think, is exactly what Dora was talking about.

August 2015

This issue of the Spirit of Service bears out the truth of something I can't help thinking over and over: theosophists are awesome! The stories below leave no doubt that our members are putting theosophy into action, giving of themselves in very meaningful ways. Best of all, their giving comes straight from the heart. These are no shrinking violets . . . they see a need and dive right in.

June 2015

In this issue you'll read about inspired projects from our groups in Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City. Our members have not only been inspired . . . they are also inspiring, swinging into action to help make a difference. For our healing intention, let's focus our collective mental power on the oceans and their wildlife. To understand why this is so critical, see the article below about the Salt Lake City TOS members' efforts to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans. "Om . . . we ask for and invoke healing energy, love, and light for the earth's oceans and the creatures who live in them. May humanity find and implement ways to clean up and heal the damage. May highest Will be served. May the earth's oceans and the creatures who live in them be filled with brilliant white healing light. We give thanks. Om . . . "

April 2015

This month marks the third anniversary of this newsletter! To celebrate, the name of the newsletter is changing to "Spirit of Service" since my intent for the content has always been to reflect the spirit and essence of service--a powerful but subtle "vibe," if you will, that comes straight from the heart. Hopefully you've found this newsletter useful and have gotten some good ideas and inspirations for ways of serving others.

February 2015

In this issue, you'll find service ideas contributed by local TS groups and TOS members around the country. Service among theosophists is alive and well indeed! All the service ideas presented here have two things in common--they're all simple, and they all make a difference. The magnitude of the difference they make was summed up nicely by Charles Kuralt: "The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines."

December 2014

This issue welcomes our new TOS International Secretary, Nancy Secrest. Nancy has hit the ground running and is already making practical plans for the future of the TOS. Remember the bumper sticker from a few years ago that read, "Think globally, act locally"? Nancy feels that the slogan describes the TOS pretty well. She explains, "that’s what we do. Local members get together to serve in their areas, and all of us together can make a difference globally."


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