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What's the best theme for this site?

Did you know that Drupal, the community website engine that powers this site, can "dress" the pages in a wide variety of so-called "themes"?

Of the many themes available, I chose the one called "Danger4K" as the default for this website.  However, there is an alternate theme that is also very nice for the TOS-USA site.  It is called "Garland."  The Garland colors might combine better with the TOS emblem.

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TOS International website directions

Revised Aug 5

Warm greetings from Costa Rica! (revised)

This is a forum intended to allow "post TOS Conference" discussion on any TOS issue (International or USA).

This particular forum topic (you can start your own topic) is about planning for this new TOS-USA (with international participation) TOS-USA community website.

In addition to this TOS discussion forum, I will soon set up a TOS mailing list (e-group style), which I think will be easier and more convenient for some people than a forum.  Essentially, any email sent to the TOS mailing list address will be send to all members of the mailing list.  When the TOS mailing list is ready, I'll send out an announcement to TOS convention participants with an invitation to join.  I won't "sign up" anybody.

This is a "community" website. For my first post to this forum, I'll explain (below) the difference between a "community" website and a "static" website.

If any TOS member is interested in helping out with website administration, or has any ideas to share regarding the planning and development of this website, please post your comment here (or contact me by email if you prefer, using this website's contact form.)

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