June 6 TOS Workshop: Healing as a Process of Transitions

In times of transition, create a plan for sustaining health and harmony.

Explore healing as a process of TRANSITIONS!  In this interactive workshop your will learn to:

  • Utilize the 5 environmental elements of ancient Hermeticism to care for yourself and others.
  • Access the power, wisdom, and love of the inner healer.
  • Experience the simple plant remedies that catalyze and ease transitions.
  • Discover gentle healing techniques for everyday health concerns
  • Participate in the ritual of making your own medicine.

Veterans Who Suffer from Combat Stress: Free, Effective, Non-Drug Coaching

If you (or someone you know) has combat experience from Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, you may be eligible for a stress study. If you qualify, you will receive six free private sessions of an advanced self-help technique which has helped many vets release the stress of combat memories. 

Indian social worker says TOS member project has saved many lives!

I am Rudradevananda, have been working as a Yoga teacher and other relief work since 18 Years. Our Organization sent me to Orissa last year. While working here I found that because of sickle cell many family are suffering. While working in Sambalpur, Orissa, I went to one family, their eldest daughter had sickle cell and two children died. I went to another family village Gargadbahal, Sambalpur Orissa.  There four children died. Then I thought that I must help these people. I studied many books. I went to internet and studied about sickle cell. 

Finally I got contact with Lloyd Standish. He was very happy to know that I am very interest about this service. First he send me two bottle of carao. I gave to first patient Swrnamayee. She got improvement. When I saw the improvement I was very happy.


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